Our Wedding

Kristiyana & Eric #EatLoveDance


How it started...

We met in 2014, one day before New Years Eve.  It was a cold December evening and our texts to each other described what coats and hats we were wearing so we could find each other at the restaurant.  It was as if fate was trying to bring us together before the year ends.  December 30th is when we celebrate our anniversary.  Our first date was at the Tip Tap Room, a restaurant that became our regular spot for brunch and dinner for the next year and a half.  We exchanged our first words online, through eHarmony.  Eric was Kristiyana's first and last date on eHarmony so it turns out that she did not need a six-month subscription to the site.  Our love blossomed quickly before the Boston snow had melted to allow for spring flowers to grow.


Our First Date

Eric dropped his whole spoon into his lobster bisque...  smooth.

At the same time, he watched Kristiyana hoover a giant plate of lamb tips and mashed potatoes before half of his soup was even gone.

And it was meant to be.


Us since then